Highwayman, The - Chords, Lyrics and Origins


This song was written by James Hunter, who also performs this version of it. According to James, it is, "A very romanticised view of a cut-throat villain I know, but it makes a good story and everyone needs a little romance in their lives. Never let the truth ruin a yarn." 

James writes, "My name is James Hunter and I confess to writing folk music. I have lived in Northern Ireland through all the bad times and the not so bad times. I am not a musician nor singer and I cannot write music, but I enjoy srtinging together a few words and trying to find guitar chords to go with them. I have a pretty eclectic musical taste from Johnny Cash to the Flaming Lips, but have always had a soft spot for singer-songwriters, John Martyn, Niel Young, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake and Bob Dylan to name a few. I hope you like what you hear.

If you want to contact me, email me at jameshunter005@googlemail.com."

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A  Em7Cm7     
AG A      


It was a dark night on the road that runs between here and there

The highwayman waits in the shadows, say travellers beware

If you venture out upon the road when the moon it is high

Best pray to the gods of hope that the highwayman rides by


Too-ra-loora-loo too-ra-loo


Now they say he rides a fearsome beast, with eyes of burning red

Best not offer up resistance, or my friend you'll end up dead

No don't argue with the man in black, or his pistols you will hear

Best stay off the road at night, when the moon shines so clear


Too-ra-loora-loo too-ra-loo


Now the magistrate he was a fool, said he'd hang that villain high

One day he'd appear before him and he'd look him in the eye

He'd put on that cloth of black and sentence him to death

And he'd be there on the gallows to watch him take his final breath


Too-ra-loora-loo too-ra-loo


But he did not know his daughter, was in love with the highwayman

That she was carrying a child, to the man he'd swore to hang

So when he ventured out upon the road, with deputies but two

He felt safe in his ignorance, said highwayman I'll take you


Too-ra-loora-loo too-ra-loo


So they met as fate decreed, two pistol shots rang clear

Two deputies lay dead, and the magistrate he knew fear

Before he could draw a pistol out, a sliver blade cut him clean

Now he'd never know his grandchild or know what love could mean


Too-ra-loora-loo too-ra-loo 


Copyright © James Hunter 2008.

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