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On Top of Old Smokey - Chords, Lyrics and Origins


This traditional American folk song may come from the Ozark or Appalachian mountain ranges.  See this Mudcat thread for information about its origins.


Capo at 2nd Fret

C                      F

On top of old Smokey,

All covered in snow,

I lost my true lover

By courting too slow.


On top of old Smokey,
All covered in snow,
I lost my true lover
By courting too slow.

On top of old Smokey,
I went there to weep
For a false-hearted lover
Is worse than a thief.

For a thief he will rob you,
And take what you have,
But a false-hearted lover
Will put you in your grave.

They'll hug you and kiss you
And tell you more lies
Than cross ties on the railroad
Or the stars in the skies.

So come all you young maidens
And listen to me:
Never place your affections
On a green willow tree,

For the leaves they will whither
And the roots will die,
And you'll all be forsaken
And never know why.