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I don't Need You Darlin' is contributed to the archive by its author, Michael Boyd. Michael is a retired university prof (economics and finance) who lives in Florida, and spends his time writing country/folk music and suspense novels. He says that he finds it, "much more fun than penning esoteric journal articles with colons in their titles!" You can find out more about Michael at his amusing website, www.michaelboyd.us.

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Verse 1         
D    G  D 
'Causethinkin''boutyounightandday issomethin'I don'tdo.
 D   D7 G  
AndwheneverIfindyouon mymindIhardly feelthe pain
     D A7 D
'CauseIdon'tneedyou,darlin'-likerosesdon't needrain.
Verse 2         
D     G  D
It'sbeenaboutahundredyearssinceyou walkedout onme.
  D  D7 G  
Imaycarryit'roundallover townclosin'downthe bars,
     D A7 D D7
ButIdon'tneedyoudarlin' -likenight don'tneed thestars.
  G   D   
(And)I don'tneedto beremindedof alovethatwouldn'tlast
 E  E7A  A7 
Verse 3         
 D  D7  G  
Well, inspiteof it allI maystillrecallsomehalfforgottenthrill.
     D A7 D
ButIdon'tneedyoudarlin'-and Iguess italwayswill.


There’s a rumor goin’ ’round that’s really quite untrue,
’Cause thinkin’ ’bout you night and day is somethin’ I don’t do.
And whenever I find you on my mind, I hardly feel the pain,
’Cause I don’t need you, darlin’—like roses don’t need rain.

It’s been about a hundred years since you walked out on me.
Now all that’s left of yesterday is one faint memory.
I may carry it ’round all over town, closin’ down the bars,
But I don’t need you, darlin’—like night don’t need the stars.

(And) I don’t need to be reminded of a love that couldn’t last
Or how our shining future became our checkered past.

Well, in spite of it all I may still recall some half-forgotten thrill.
But I don’t need you, darlin’—and I guess I always will.

Music & Lyrics © Michael Boyd
All rights reserved.

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