For You In Confidence - Chords, Lyrics and Origins


For You In Confidence

by Chris Rubeo



am       GM       CM       FM

CM       GM       CM


       FM    CM     GM                   am        CM

This is for you in confidence so open it alone

              FM  CM   GM                               CM

so I can earnestly reveal my thoughts to you.

FM        CM             GM                  am                 CM

Imagine each word spoken low in a comforting baritone

FM                 CM      GM                 CM

recall them if you're feeling lost or blue.


Intro (x2)


The message is somewhere in the middle and though the end may hurt a little in the beginning you will find your faith renewed.

In a love that conquers ignorance and a truth that bares an evidence when it feels as though the world has conquered you.


Intro (x2)


Though someday they may publish this, this is for you in confidence, stripped of vagueness simple plain and true.

You were to me the only thing the fullest chord the softest string and I only hope that you felt that way too.


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